Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Operation Khanyisa talent shows bring home the message

Prize giving ceremonies, hosted in April by Operation Khanyisa, rewarded the 1,500 children and community members who were rallied into talent show competitions at five focus sites around the country last year.

These competitions saw participants relay the campaign’s educational messages in poetry, poster design, coloring-in, drama, singing and dancing in a fun and creative way.

Maboe Maphaka, National Sponsor for Eskom’s Energy Losses Management Program (ELP) and Operation Khanyisa’s champion says:  “We received a very positive response from the schools and had great attendance with the whole community getting involved.

“Winners were excited to receive prizes and supporters cheered for their teams.  Teachers and parents were very thankful for prizes won and appreciated the overall campaign impact on their lives. Our stakeholders showed their support as well, along with the coordinators and field workers who made sure that the events ran smoothly.”

Operation Khanyisa is a behavioral-change campaign intended to educate the public about the negative effects of electricity theft. It aims to mobilize all South Africans towards legal, safe and efficient power use and encourage the reporting of electricity theft.

The campaign targets all power users including industrial, manufacturing, agricultural and commercial sectors and residents in general.

“The response from the community exceeded our expectations.  Well done to all who participated.  Their talents shouldn’t stop here but must be taken forward.  I encourage the learners to remember the message which they need to propagate.  Every participant was enthusiastic and incorporated the key messages into their performances very well.”

“It was evident that hard work and effort had gone into the talent shows as the objectives were achieved across various ages and groups,” concludes Mr Maphaka. 

For more on Operation Khanyisa head on to http://www.operationkhanyisa.co.za/ 


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