Monday, 11 June 2012

I can read...My first book in my own language

This follows several visits with our simple reading scheme and “class in a box” methodology.  We are working with 5 villages in the remote and almost inaccessible Zambezi Delta in Mozambique. A community so isolated, with no schools where there are only a handful of people who have ever had the opportunity to learn to read.

A very simple reading programme has been developed teaching the vowel sounds and then enough of the initial consonants to be able to decipher simple words as well as practising reading cards of the words from the book. The preparation and foundation laid prior to this outreach was key and enabled the people to more confidently achieve reading the book. It was a great privileged for all the team members who were able to participate in this outreach

Now this community is able to read a book for the first time in many of their lives in their own language! Thanks to the small team Mercy Air South Africa and a dedicated handful of people from the Marromeu Youth With A Mission Bible school and other educators.

One of the team members who is a teacher in Mozambique commented: “To be very honest – this was one of my most fruitful experiences in education – EVER! I came to learn and I got exactly what I came for. The creative way of presenting this to illiterate people was amazing and something we would love to copy in the Chimoio area of Mozambique. It has changed my mindset on how to teach the precious illiterate. It was amazing to see the progress some of the little children have made, both with reading and number-work.  For me, the highlight of this last trip was watching grown men slowly deciphering each word, pointing at it with their fingers, as they read their first reading book. Such an awesome achievement!” Francois Rauch

It was such a delight to see Mae Christina READING the first reading book in a village and the awesome silence as the whole village sat riveted listening to the story.

The learning process, which God is revealing to us, is so effective.  The active, hands on learning experience has been made to be such fun, the whole community is learning together.  Everyone looks forward to each outreach with great excitement and in each village people who have better reading skills, are teaching others using the materials developed for this task. All the materials are culturally appropriate, within the life world of this remote community.  This,  of course, is the best environment for learning.  God continues to grow and develop the programme in all areas and it is an honour to be part of His BIG PLAN.

Story by Mercy Air

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