Tuesday, 19 June 2012

IREX shares stories of hope - celebrating AFRICA DAY (25 May2012)

Although IREX began its work in the Soviet Union more than 40 years ago, today we implement a wide portfolio of programs in 41 countries in Africa. More than 20% of our program budget goes to African civil society actors, journalists, teachers, youth, and community leaders. Our programs draw on local expertise, NGOs and staff to deliver sustainable solutions well-suited for the African context.

In honor of Africa Day, and the in spirit of unity and diversity it commemorates, we are pleased to share our new factsheet on IREX in Africa and some snapshots and thoughts from recent IREX visits to Africa.

Susanna worked with teachers in Ghana - The TGC teachers (U.S.) and TEA/ILEP host teachers (Ghanaian) found solidarity and built lasting relationships through identifying ways in which teachers across the globe work in the midst of adversity to meet the ever increasing needs of students and communities.

Robin and Aimee visited universities in Tanzania and Uganda: “This is exactly what we need!” was the one phrase that was repeated time and again in Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana during outreach for the University Administration Support Program.  It is incredibly rewarding to be working on a program that is such a perfect fit for the development of much-desired management reform in institutions of higher education in Africa.

Kathy represented IREX’s senior management in Liberia:  Enjoyed seeing the CSML program in action, visiting a community library in downtown Monrovia. There is a children’s corner where children can come and read books, books for adults and space for various  trainings for adults.

Anne is in Liberia today, exploring ways to use theater for conflict resolution: Local theater troupes engage community members in an interactive drama about land ownership conflict in Westpoint, one of Monrovia’s toughest neighborhoods.  Manjoe Borlay of Flomo Theater, a partner in IREX’s CSML program, explains, “It’s so important to create a space for communities to talk about these things and to come up with their own solutions.”

Story by IREX

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